Natura Morta
Paulette Tavormina

40 pages

Natura Morta is a selection of exquisite still life photographs that recall the traditions of 17th century Old Master painting. Luscious fruit and flowers among other things are rendered in a painterly perspective reminiscent of Francisco de Zurbaran, Adriaen Coorte and Giovanna Garzoni, whom Tavormina counts among her greatest influences. Within the long tradition of la natura morta in photography, which calls to mind the compositions of Irving Penn or the anthropomorphic quality of Edward Weston's still lifes, what sets Tavormina's work apart is her reverence for the objects themselves. These pictures are as much about the the life cycles of the objects and the memories they evoke for the artist as they are about the lighting and composition, which make them feel intensely personal. They are her poetic way of expressing respect for the human condition. This book includes the essay "The Many Lives of Paulette Tavormina's Still Lifes" by art historian, Wayne Anderson.
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