Cig Harvey:
You An Orchestra You A bomb

December 7, 2017 - January 27, 2018
Opening reception: Thursday, December 7, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, January 27, 1-2pm
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Cig Harvey and director of Robert Mann gallery, Caroline Wall

Announcement of Representation: 
Murray Fredericks

Robert Mann Gallery is pleased to announce the representation of Murray Fredericks. Murray Fredericks is an internationally recognized and multi-award winning artist and filmmaker. Graduating with a Bachelor of Politics from the University of Sydney in 1992, Fredericks subsequently spent extended periods traveling alone in the Himalaya and Middle Eastern deserts. During this time he became aware of the profound effect that time spent in isolation – particularly in powerful landscapes – can have on the mind and one’s sense of self.

In the almost 20 years since, Fredericks has taken prolonged solo journeys to isolated and extreme locations, to produce large-scale photographs that capture the overwhelming emptiness and powerful emotional resonance of remote land and sky. His highly-acclaimedSalt series commenced in 2003 and has seen the artist complete more than 20 trips to Lake Eyre–Kati Thanda in South Australia, living alone for up to five weeks at a time. A conceptual exploration into the emotional qualities of ‘space’, the original Salt series has been exhibited and acquired by major institutions and galleries worldwide.

Cig Harvey, Scout & The Jacks, Flatts, Bermuda, 2016

Cig Harvey, Scout & The Jacks, Flatts, Bermuda, 2016


Fairytale Photos of Everyday life

Nov. 22, 2017
By Jonathan Blaustein

"Ask anyone who’s been in a serious car accident, and they’ll swear that reality moves in slow motion as metal crumples, glass shatters and bones break.

That kind of event can change one’s perspective, and for the photographer Cig Harvey, her brush with vehicular death in 2015 inspired her new series “You an Orchestra You a Bomb,” recently released by Schilt Publishing, which also opens as a solo exhibition at Robert Mann in New York on December 7. With its strong emphasis on evocative color and objects culled from the natural world, the project touches upon magic, mystery and fairy tales. One easily imagines Narnia just through the wardrobe door or Hogwarts awaiting at the end of the train ride.

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