July 6 - August 18, 2017
Opening reception: Thursday, July 6, 6-8pm
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I Scream, You Scream

Jim Dow, The Sno-House, US 11, Moselle, MS, 1981

Jim Dow, The Sno-House, US 11, Moselle, MS, 1981


In Praise of Good Old-Fashioned Ice Cream


In an era when artisanal ice cream flavors include goat cheese beet swirl and foie gras, it’s easy to yearn for the good old days — when 31 flavors were more than enough. A new group show at Robert Mann Gallery, aptly titled “I Scream, You Scream,” features vintage iterations of simpler summer treats by the likes of André Kertész and Garry Winogrand, alongside bright, contemporary images by PUTPUT and Simone Rosenbauer. The collection is sure to spark a craving, no matter your age.

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