Silvio Wolf

March 2 — April 22, 2006

Silvio Wolf's photographs explore thresholds that simultaneously unite and divide. Working mostly in uninhabited spaces, Wolf reduces his subjects to fields of color and geometrical planes of light. He documents still and timeless places, and uses his lens to convert them into codependent spaces which, as he explains, "could not exist should one of them disappear." Wolf's photographs are meditations on absence and presence—whether of tangible or metaphysical forms. He offers insights into our perceptions of reality, asking that we reconsider our place in the world and observing that we are "ingrained in the places that represent us, without ever being explicitly named, as though these places contain us and are our spatial emanations."

Silvio Wolf was born in Italy in 1952. He pursued studies in philosophy and psychology before beginning his career as a photographer in England during the 1970s. Silvio Wolf lives and works in Milan, Italy as professor of photography at the European Institute of Design.