Announcing representation of Jennifer Williams

Robert Mann Gallery is pleased to announce the representation of Jennifer Williams.

Williams' work refutes traditional classifications in its bold challenge to two-dimensionality through constructed illusion. Her photographic installations radically rupture the square frame and surface plane, bursting out in irrepressible radial fans on gallery walls or pouring down madly onto the floor.

Montaging images of such apparent mundanity as buildings, ladders, and garbage collected and photographed during walks through the city, Williams forges a sense of place. For the artist, the camera is not a vehicle of truth. Instead of attempting to capture an image as a static record, she makes work at the intersection of photography, sculpture, and collage to create nonlinear urban narratives of space and experience.

Williams received her BFA from Cooper Union and her MFA from Goldsmiths College in London. Her work has been widely exhibited throughout the country, and honors include the A.I.R. Gallery Fellowship and the NARS Foundation International Artist Residency, as well as the 2008 Juror's Grand Prize at the 4th Annual Alternative Processes show. She lives and works in New York City.

Jennifer Williams' first solo show at the gallery will open this October. For additional information about this work, please contact the gallery.