Dorsey Gallery Panel Discussion Featuring Mary Mattingly

Securing Homeland: Rebounding/Rebuilding Sustainable Future
Moderated by exhibition curator Margaret Mathews-Berenson
Panelists: Brian Baer, Cynthia Barton, Deborah Gans, and Mary Mattingly
Dorsky Gallery, Long Island City, NY
Sunday, October 26, 3-4pm

The panel, moderated by the curator, Margaret Mathews Berenson, will focus on innovative solutions to the problems of homelessness and displacement caused by catastrophic natural and manmade disasters that are dramatically presented visually in the works of art in the exhibition. Panelists will discuss innovative projects and proposals by artists, architects, non-profit organizations and government agencies around the world designed to provide housing for those in need. Among these are: post-Katrina housing in New Orleans and rebuilding efforts for victims of Hurricane Sandy in the New York area. Other topics of discussion will be: designing with sustainable materials; urban reclamation projects in Chicago, Houston and Detroit; collaborations between artists, urban design professionals and local communities; and social entrepreneurship in contemporary art and architecture. In conclusion, panelists together with audience participants will contribute ideas and recommendations for addressing these problems in the future. Hand-outs will include a list of organizations worldwide that provide meaningful solutions in the hopes that audience members might be inspired to assist them in meeting their goals.

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