Holly Andres: The Fallen Fawn reviewed by Collector Daily

Holly Andres: The Fallen Fawn at Robert Mann
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By Loring Knoblauch
November 27, 2015

Holly Andres’ new body of imagery The Fallen Fawn is unabashedly organized like a short story or fable, each individual picture serving as a supporting piece of the larger story arc. It uses a mystery woman and her suitcase as the backdrop for the story of two middle school-aged sisters who find the suitcase down by the river, unpack its contents, and revel in its associations. In the privacy of their shared bedroom, the girls try on the woman’s robes and lingerie, wear her red lipstick, and playact out their visions of her life. It’s a tale full of resonances – adolescence, female roles, and sisterly connection, mixed with secrets, risks, and rebellions against the boredom of small town life. After shared looks across the dinner table, the girls eventually pack up the suitcase, sneak out after dark, and toss it in the river, a lone lipstick left on the dresser as a keepsake of the tingling excitement found within.  To read the full review, click here.