Susan Rankaitis in Current Exhibitions

Gallery artist Susan Rankaitis is featured in two current museum exhibitions:

Unique Photographic Objects from the Center for Creative Photography
Doris and John Norton Gallery for the Center for Creative Photography
Phoenix Art Museum
April 11 - October 19, 2015

This exhibition challenges the expectation that photographs are infinitely reproducible multiples. Typically photographs are printed from a negative or digital capture, and can be produced in editions ranging from a few prints to several hundred. However, some photographic processes – including daguerreotypes, tintypes, and Polaroid prints – produce only a single, one-of-a-kind object. In other cases, artists choose to use materials in a way that produces a unique artwork, such as sculpting and collaging with or painting and drawing on photographs. The exhibition will include works from the entire history of the photographic medium, from the 1840s to the present day.  Unique photographs by David Emitt Adams, Pierre Cordier, Betty Hahn, Bill Jay, Chris McCaw, Joyce Neimanas, Susan Rankaitis and Andy Warhol will be included.

Lens Work: Celebrating LACMA's Experimental Photography at 50
Hammer Building, Level 3
February 7 - July 4, 2015

Photography was founded on and developed as a result of experimentation: it is a technology-based practice rife with inherent uncertainties, despite its reputation for reliably documenting reality. This installation celebrates the curatorial drive informing over 50 years of collecting at LACMA, which embraces experimentation in photography.
From works by the medium’s earliest practitioners to those by contemporary artists, LACMA’s collection is rich in innovative examples of what is often referred to as “the magic of photography.” As lenses evolve and choices of final output increase, photographic practice will no doubt continue to inspire new ways of perceiving, seeing, and believing.