Ellen Auerbach: Classic Works and Collaborations in The Wall Street Journal

Ellen Auerbach: Classic Works and Collaborations
By William Meyers
June 13, 2015

There are 10 Ringl + Pit prints in Mann’s exhibition of work by Ellen Auerbach (1906-2004). (“Ringl” was Grete Stern’s nickname, “Pit” was Auerbach’s.) Several of the pictures at Mann are also in the current MoMA exhibition, including “Pétrole Hahn” (1931), an ad for a hair preparation; the image features the head of a saccharine, big-eyed mannequin, but the hand holding the bottle is a real human hand. The effect is whimsical, and even a little silly, as well as sophisticated and modern. “Hat and Gloves” (1931), also in both shows, has the gloves placed in front of the dummy head wearing the knit cap in the same relationship they would be on a person.

Read the full article online here. The article appears next to William Meyers' review of the exhibition From Bauhaus to Buenos Aires: Grete Stern and Horacio Coppola, on view through October 4th at The Museum of Modern Art.