Mary Mattingly at the Havana Biennial in The New York Times

Mary Mattingly's interactive installation "Pull" was featured in The New York Times' coverage of the Havana Biennial. The piece is part of the Bronx Museum's exhibition "White Noise" at the Bellas Artes Museum in Havana, Cuba.

The Havana is Running at Full Throttle
By Holland Cotter
May 29, 2015

HAVANA — With the recent political thaw between Cuba and the United States, changes are already lapping the shores of this island nation and may soon be pounding the great sea wall, the Malecón, that stands between Havana, the open water, and a big-spending, big-building, culturally big-footing neighbor to the north.

Everyone knows that major shifts are inevitable once capitalism begins to flood the socialist zone. And a sense of mingled excitement and apprehension is in the air at the 12th Havana Biennial, a diffuse, gradually unfolding, monthlong series of art exhibitions that have been injected into the tissue of this majestic heirloom of a city, adding contemporary warmth to its gorgeously crumbling bones. Continue reading the article here.