Sitting in the dark with strangers in Feature Shoot

Inspired by Hopper and Hitchcock, Photographer Creates Magical Miniature Scenes at the Movies
Feature Shoot
Ellyn Kail | January 29, 2016

As the story goes, the 1986 audience at the 50-second silent documentary The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat were so terror-stricken by the picture of a black and white train approaching that they leapt backwards for fear of certain annihilation. The fable, regardless of its veracity, speaks to the power of film to elevate even the most banal scene into the realm of preternatural.

For Sitting in the Dark with Strangers, New York City-based photographer Richard Finkelstein plays on cinema’s inherent ability to merge fact and fiction by fastidiously constructing model sets in which tiny figurines watch movies, pass by posters on the side of the road, and perhaps steal kisses under the illumination of a drive-in theater.
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