Holly Andres: The Homecoming at The Missoula Art Museum

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We are happy to share with you the news of gallery artist, Holly Andres and her current museum exhibition The Homecoming at The Missoula Art Museum.

Holly Andres grew up in a fairly normal Missoula household, but her critically acclaimed photographs reimagine those years as anything but ordinary
Erika Fredrickson | April 7, 2016

Holly Andres was just a child when the church camp incident occurred. It was the summer of 1980 when a crew of stay-at-home moms gathered in the church kitchen to prepare a meal while the children played outside. As the kids ran through the grass, one boy fell from a dilapidated play structure and hit the ground hard. He was injured, but he'd be okay. It was what happened afterward that stuck in Andres' mind for years to come. To read the full article, please click here.