Karl Baden: "Father of the Selfie"

We congratulate Karl Baden on being named "Father of the Selfie!"  

NBC News writes: 
Robert Mann, the owner of the gallery, said he was very impressed by Baden's work when he submitted 10 "selfies" from a ten-month interval for the gallery's 10x10x10 exhibit. The art of capturing the aging process struck him the most, he said. 

"It is a brave thing to do to expose the world of this close-up view of how he's maturing and growing throughout the years," said Mann. "No other artist has done anything remotely close to that. I don't know of any artist that has actually stuck with something for this long like this before." 

Baden tries to remain faithful to the first picture he took in 1987, the day after Andy Warhol died and nearly two decades before Facebook was launched. 

"As much as I try to make every picture the same, I fail every day," he said. "There's always something that's a little different, aside from the aging process."

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