BLOUIN ARTINFO features Rankaitis Exhibition

Robert Mann Gallery in New York is hosting an exhibition “Grey Matters” by artist Susan Rankaitis through May 6, 2017.

The exhibition presents the most recent works by American multimedia artist Susan Rankaitis (b. 1949, Cambridge, Massachusetts), continuing with the artist’s ongoing exploration of artistic and scientific processes. Working in painting, photography and drawing, Rankaitis’s work is rooted in the unconventional. Derived from Rankaitis’s most recent fascination with the concept of interoception, the works in this exhibition incorporate unique images that fuse the histories of experimental photography and abstract painting, creating an artistic visual representation of scientific ideas. Attempting to illustrate the obscure internal sense of interoception or any such intangible internal event, the artist engages the use of mixed media, to conjure up imageries that are both cerebral and emotionally evocative. 

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