Photo District News Photographer Interviews: Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey: Through Mother's Eyes

By Brienne Walsh

Cig Harvey didn’t know that her new series was about the serious car crash she survived in August 2015 until she showed the photographs to a friend. “He said, ‘The accident is literally all over these,” she recalls. Harvey was psychologically scarred, but rarely ever talked about it. “We’re often the last ones to know what our work is about,” she muses. The fact that the series was born of trauma was no surprise to Harvey, however. “Whenever something massive happens in my life, I make pictures as a way to respond to it,” she says. “I’m the most productive when something derails me, or I don’t understand, or [something] floors me. It could be an amazing thing or it could be a terrible thing. I use art as a way to slow the world down and better understand it.”

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