10 Must-See Artists at AIPAD’s Photography Show

Maroesjka Lavigne

by Alina cohen

Though Maroesjka Lavigne’s 2012 work Autobus, On the Road pictures a treeless, snow-bathed landscape, its brilliant hues save it from austerity. There’s a neat symmetry to the work, with a pink rooftop and red bus jutting just past each other, both covered in a layer of white powder. The dusty white sky is a lush, purplish blue at the edges. “She has a very unique way of visiting a location and capturing it,” said gallerist Robert Mann, who first found the young Belgian artist’s work in Foam Magazine in 2012. Autobus, On the Road hails from Lavigne’s body of work devoted exclusively to Icelandic landscapes. In the years since, she’s also documented such far-flung locales as China, Chile, and Namibia. 
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