La Méthode
Laurent Millet

58 pages

La Méthode portrays fragile, fantastical houses on the shore. For the first time, Millet pairs his black and white photographs with color images. Constructed of found objects, these small, inanimate buildings have a life of their own; some sprout legs of rusted wire or gnarled branches from their brilliant orange and yellow facades. Others reveal intricate diagrams and enigmatic messages scrawled across the surface. The black and white images are more somber, carrying on the meditative spirit that is at the heart of much of Millet's past work, and calling to mind past series completed by the artist, such as The Petite Machines and The Wind Traps. The structure of the catalog itself captures the playful spirit of Millet's La Méthode series—it folds like an accordion, allowing it to be displayed vertically as a unique piece of artwork.

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Laurent Millet: La Méthode
September 12 — October 26, 2002