Michael Kenna

12 x 8.5 inches
Clothbound (Japanese 3-panel binding)
64 pages, 42 plates

After decades of traveling the world, exploring wild and natural locations, from Europe to Asia, as well as industrial zones, abandoned buildings and religious shrines, Michael Kenna debuts an unprecedented series of female nudes made in Japan. Robert Mann Gallery presents, Rafu (裸婦), the Japanese word for unclothed female, a woman in the nude.

”I approach photographing the female nude, very much as I approach the landscape, with absolute respect and admiration,” Kenna says, “In the landscape I search for subject matter that resonates with me. I am interested in the relationships, juxtapositions, even confrontations between the natural elements and the structures that we humans have formed. It is not so different when I photograph the nude. I look for the individual characteristics in bodies, their shapes and uniqueness. I explore their relationships to the environments where we are photographing.”