Wounded Cities
Leo Rubinfien

300 pages

Wounded Cities is acclaimed photographer Leo Rubinfien's exploration of the "mental wound" that was left by the terror attacks in New York in 2001, and in cities around the world in the years before and after. One week before September 11th, Rubinfien, his wife and small children moved into a new apartment two blocks from the World Trade Center. They experienced the violence up close and fled through the smoke and dust with thousands of others. Though the physical scars of the attacks were obvious, he believed that the emotional effect was more profound, and a year later he began working in cities that had been hit in similar ways, including London, Nairobi, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Karachi and Tokyo. Intimate, deeply felt and beautifully crafted, the resulting portraits are some of the most powerful of recent years. Wounded Cities the book, published by Steidl, combines sixty intensely evocative photographs from this project with a memoir in which Rubinfien poignantly explores the anguish and the political passions of September 11th and the years after. Meanwhile, its unusual page design weaves word and image into one of the most original hybrid books photography has produced. This moving volume will prove to be one of the fundamental works of art to emerge from the attacks of 2001.

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