Domestic Symphonies
Margaret Watkins

157 pages

Serving as an important bridge between the once vanguard pictorialist movement and a nascent photographic modernism in the United States, only recently has the name Margaret Watkins (1884-1969) begun to move from the margins to the center of our understanding of the history of photography situating her among the medium's most prestigious practitioners. Born and raised in Canada, Watkins became a driving force at one of the most important photography schools in America. Her photographs, most notably her still-life images, now key works in the history of early advertising photography and classic examples of modernist photography, have earned her special recognition within the history of the medium. Following a large-scale monographic exhibition and scholarly catalogue of her work organized by Associate Curator Lori Pauli at the National Gallery of Canada in Autumn 2012, Watkins's work has been brought into the spotlight through this text's masterful examination of both Watkins's influence as an educator as well as her unique blend of documentary, commercial, and fine art photography through her study of a variety of subject matter.

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